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"Sara was fantastic during my birth and I absolutely could not have done it without her! Without her encouragement and expertise, I would have definitely gotten a c-section and I am so glad that she was available to help with my birth so that I could go as natural as I had planned."

 - Tova Baars

"Sara Epstein was my Doula recently and I only have positive things to say about her. From the beginning she always listened to me and asked what my needs were for the pregnancy and the delivery. She informed me about everything and allowed me to make my own decisions which she was always supportive of. She called to check on me numerous times making sure I was okay and to see if I needed her for anything. She constantly was there to tell me I could accomplish my goals, that I was strong enough. During the labor and delivery she was great! She is very relaxing and makes sure to help you anyway possible. I truly recommend Sara as a Doula. I was thrilled working with her."

 - Shlomit Keehn

"Sara not only took care of me and guided me with her expertise, but even more significant was her success at getting in there with my hospital personnel as I labored through my first VBAC birth. Sara's respectful yet authoritative voice on behalf of me in the hospital setting communicated to my midwife that I was in very experienced, knowledgeable, and supportive hands. This was important because Sara's confidence about my ability to birth my baby naturally and her non-threatening presence set the tone in the hospital room in my favor. Sara is an empathetic, understanding, non-judgemental, and caring woman. She has a deep soul and a deep respect for the birthing experience, the birthing mother, and the birth of the baby. I couldn't recommend her more."

 - Michal

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